Rafael Cruz rims and fucks Javier Cruz in “Caught” from Pride Studios

Rafael Cruz comes into the Surf Shack expecting to meet Javier Cruz there to go body boarding at the beach. When he sees that Javier is not there, he calls him and apparently wakes him up. Now he has to wait for Javier to arrive and since he has time to spare, why not rub one out.

He starts stroking his big cock through his board shorts and then pulls it out. He strokes himself for a while and then grabs his body board and starts grinding his cock against it. He then stands up and continues jacking his big cock and slapping it on his Body Board. Right as he is getting into it, Javier walks in on and him. A bit embarrassed, Javier uses the body board to hide his cock from Javier, but it is apparent Javier likes what he sees and he starts stroking Javier’s cock.

Pride Studios

They both get naked stroking each other and kissing. Javier then sucks Rafael’s big cock first and then Rafael returns the favor. Rafael then rims Javier’s ass before fucking him doggy-style. Javier then flips on his back and Rafael fucks him deep until he cannot hold back and shoots a massive load of cum all over himself. Rafael then shoots him own load onto Javier.

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Watch Rafael Cruz rim and fuck Javier Cruz at Pride Studios


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