update: D.O, William Seed, Theo Ross, Nikko Russo, Blaze Austin, Jake Porter & more

In this update, we’re having a look at the network’s most recent releases, including today’s bareback video. The gay porn mega site has released the third scene from their “Virtual Fuck” mini-series in which William Seed bangs D.O.’s ass. The sexy Nikko Russo bottoms for Theo Ross in the first part of the new “Dick Swap” series.

The third scene from their “Cumsassins” series is a hot 5-guy orgy starring Damien Stone, Vadim Black, Blaze Austin, Brandon Evans and Zach Country. Today’s bareback video is the 13th scene from their ongoing “Pranksters” series and shows us Blaze Austin fucking Jaker Porter’s ass.

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“Virtual Fuck” (part 3) – William Seed and D.O.


Ripped stud D.O. is feeling horny, and decides to get off with his virtual reality goggles. He gets extra hot and bothered as beefy hunk William Seed appears naked in front of him with his big, uncut, erect cock. He takes in William’s virtual cock and slobbers all over it. Meanwhile, his roommates return home and catch him in the act so they get comfy to watch as the whole session plays out. D.O. undoubtedly has the best masturbation session he’s ever experienced.


“Dick Swap” (part 1) – Theo Ross and Nikko Russo


Tattooed cutie Theo Ross just wants to get his dick wet, but his roommate slender Nikko Russo really isn’t having it. Muscular Theo devises a plan and purchases a 3D dildo sex doll so he can at least get off watching him ride it, but has an even better idea and swaps places with the doll when Theo gets off it to answer the door. He places himself in the same position with his erect dick, and waits for Nikko to come back, and slide onto his cock. How long will it take Nikko to notice?


“Cumsassins” (part 3) – Blaze Austin, Brandon Evans, Damien Stone, Zach Country and Vadim Black


The boys are being sent off to war, but not before one last hot and sexy romp! Slender Zach Country, beefy Damien Stone, chiseled Vadim Black, fit Brandon Evans and muscular Blaze Austin partake in some deep dick sucking before designating who’s bottom will get dominated. These hard-bodied men know just how to please each other, and can’t wait to let off a satisfying creamy load.


“Pranksters” (part 13) – Blaze Austin and Jake Porter


On episode 13 of Pranksters, muscular Blaze Austin is giving his unsuspecting victims serious wedgies! Everything is going his way until he ends up on chiseled hunk Jake Porter, who happens to be wearing lacy, pink panties! Brown-haired Blaze jumps back, but he’s actually turned on, and follows Jake back home so he can get up close and personal.


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