Geordie Jackson and Jeffrey Lloyd cuckold Lincoln Tunnel at Lucas Entertainment

In my opinion, cuckolding is underrepresented in gay porn and often done wrong, but Lucas Entertainment seems to get it. In the third scene from their “Bareback Cuckolds” movie, newcomer Lincoln Tunnel is the cuck, while Jeffrey Lloyd is the one getting the cock. He gets fucked by Lincoln’s boyfriend Geordie Jackson.

Geordie is a selfish alpha male who has limitless sexual needs. His cuckold boyfriend Lincoln sometimes is given the honor to fulfill them, but other times, he’s told to sit back and watch another guy take care of his man’s needs. Jeffrey loves being the third in these gay cuckold situations, and he has a lot of fun servicing Geordie’s cock, while Lincoln is left in the corner stroking, wishing he was allowed to be in on the fun!

Watch Geordie Jackson fuck Jeffrey Lloyd while Lincoln Tunnel has to watch

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Geordie Jackon fuck Jeffrey Lloyd in “Bareback Cuckolds” part 3

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