Devin Franco and Nikko Russo suck in “Buddy System” part four from Falcon Studios

The fourth scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Buddy System” is an all oral scene starring handsome hunks Devin Franco and Nikko Russo. The sexy Devin is putting in work at the gym when Nikko catches his eye. Both studs stare each other down until they can no longer concentrate on their own workouts. Devin makes the first move and coyly asks Nikko to spot him.

When Devin takes his shirt off, Nikko seals the deal by rubbing Devin’s pumped, sweaty body. The rubdown gets Devin revved up and he turns around to get a glimpse of what’s bulging in Nikko’s shorts. He’s not disappointed to discover a giant, uncut cock just waiting to be released and serviced. Devin doesn’t waste a second getting it down his throat and opens wide as Nikko slides his dick deep into the eager stud’s mouth.

Falcon Studios

Nikko picks up the pace and reams Devin’s face, throat fucking him as ropes of spit slide out of Devin’s mouth to cover Nikko’s thick shaft and big, full balls. Nikko is horny as hell and wants a taste of his workout bud. He gets down on his knees to return the favor for Devin and takes him all the way down his throat as he jacks his own big rod.

Nikko’s mouth feels amazing wrapped around Devin’s big vein-popping dick and after a few final pumps from Nikko, Devin blows his load. It hits Nikko’s tongue and falls to the floor as he laps up every drop he can get. The taste of Devin on his tongue makes Nikko ready to explode and he stands up to cover Devin’s hungry face with cum.

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Watch Devin Franco and Nikko Russo suck at Falcon Studios

Watch Devin Franco and Nikko Russo suck in the full-length video