Zack Hood (aka Thomas Friedl) gets fucked by Max Born in “Third Date Sex” – Behind Friends

We don’t see Zack Hood bottom often, but the European stud gets his ass fucked in the latest Behind Friends release. The Czech gay porn studio uses one of his aliases; Thomas Friedl. In “Third Date Sex“, he has been paired up with fellow muscle stud Max Born.

No sex can be comparable with the ones from two people with a budding romance. In this bareback scene, two single muscle studs, both at the prime of their lives, see themselves horny as they spend a lazy afternoon in the sauna. The two swap blowjobs, before Max pushes his big uncut cock deep into Zack’s bare ass and fucks him good.

Watch Zack Hood bottom for Max Born at Behind Friends


Watch Zack Hood bottom for Max Born in “Third Date Sex” from Behind Friends


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