Inked recruit Richard Buldger raw-fucks Donte Thick at Active Duty

Donte Thick doesn’t waste any time getting Richard Buldger‘s cock hard in his mouth. He loves to suck cock and he likes it sloppy as possible. Donte has gobs of spit all over his face and Richard’s cock as he continues to gag and deep throat every inch. Richard flips the script and starts to blow Donte making sure every inch is sucked and stroked.

You can hear Dirk tell Donte that he wants to see his special trick and with that Donte gets on the floor and flips his legs up in the air over his head and begins to face fuck himself. Donte shoves his cock into his mouth with his very limber body and its one unbelievable site. Richard doesn’t want him to have all the fun so he pushes his cock deep into Donte’s hole in that same limber position. Richard fucks him hard while Donte’s own cock is in his mouth.

Active Duty

They move the fun to the bed where Richard continues to fuck him hard and deep making Donte moan and squirm. Donte’s tight hole is becoming sore so he starts fucking Richard’s smooth tight ass until they both are ready to cum. Richard gets down on his knees and right as he does Donte is stroking his big dick and he shoots his thick creamy load all over Richard’s awaiting face. Richard has a huge cum smile on his face and he repays the favor by doing to the exact same to Donte’s face.

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Watch Richard Buldger fuck Donte Thick in the full-length video

Watch Richard Buldger raw-fuck Donte Thick at Active Duty