update: Dante Colle, Kit Cohen, Gage Unkut, Zach Country, William Seed & more

In this new update, we have a look at their three most recent releases. The gay porn network has paired Dante Colle up with Kit Cohen for the 12th scene from their “Pranksters” series. The members have awarded this release with a 91% score, so make sure to watch this one!

Tattooed stud Gage Unkut plows Zach Country’s tight hole in “My Ex Cellmate“. This scene marks the debut for both Gage and Zach. The latter one has done a couple of scenes for Corbin Fisher in 2017 and 2018, under the name Zachary. Gage has already appeared in scene from Bromo, Raging Stallion and Reality Dudes.

William Seed has also been paired up with two debutants in “Sausage Party“. One of them is Darcy Oak, who already did a scene for Reality Dudes. The other guy is Jeremy Spark, who is brand new to the land of gay porn.

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“Pranksters” (part 12) – Dante Colle and Kit Cohen


Attractive muscle jock Dante Colle masterminds a prank where he asks guys for help with his flat tire, but they ask if he has a spare tire, he opens his trunk and shoves the person inside! They drive around for a bit before Dante sets them free, capturing their reaction on film. All of his victims run away as soon as they’re set free, except tall, lean Kit Cohen, who strips down naked, and spreads his ass cheeks wide open while he waits for tattooed Dante to pop the trunk open. Dante is definitely surprised at this sight, and he doesn’t decline blue-eyed Kit’s request to plow into his hole with his big dick.


“My Ex Cellmate” – Gage Unkut and Zach Country


Fit, slender Zach Country receives an unexpected visit from his former cellmate, beefy hunk Gage Unkut. Tattooed Gage isn’t happy about the fact that blue-eyed Zach left him locked up, and misses pounding his ass every night. Horny Gage makes boyish Zach drop to his knees, and shoves his thick meat down his throat before turning his focus on Zach’s tight hole.


“Sausage Party” – William Seed, Darcy Oak and Jeremy Spark


Canadian beefcake William Seed got an invitation to join macho man Jeremy Spark and muscular Darcy Oak at their place for a BBQ, but little does he know they are both nudists! They convince the tattooed cutie to strip down, and soon, they’re exchanging some great cock sucking. Hunky Jeremy and hazel-eyed Darcy take turns sitting on William’s fat, thick cock until they are all ready to discharge a warm load all over Jeremy’s bearded face.

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