Mason Williams fucks Lance Ford in “Double Loads” – Next Door Studios

When Mason Williams catches roomie Lance Ford stroking his dick in the laundry room, it’s an awkward situation. Things get worse when Mason finds out Lance has been sniffing Mason’s underwear to jerk off to. Suddenly enraged, he accuses Lance of being unable to leave his shit alone.

Lance tells him most people don’t complain when messes with their stuff, and Mason seems confused until Lance falls to his knees and grabs at Mason’s dick. Hesitant at first, Mason lets his guard down when he feels how good Lance is at sucking a cock. He deep-throats it in a way that none of Mason’s girlfriends have ever done.

Next Door Studios

When Lance bends over and perches his ass high in the air, begging to be fucked… Mason becomes a convert in that moment. Plunging his rock hard cock into Lance, he pounds his roomie from behind, fucking him all over the laundy room before Lance finally spits his load all over himself. As Mason pulls out ready to cum, Lance tells him to feed it to him, so Mason blasts his nut all over Lance’s face, covering him jizz as Lance sucks Mason dry.

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