Elton is back for his first hardcore scene and gets fucked by Sean Cody’s Jess

Newbie Elton is back at Sean Cody and athletic, brown-haired Jess is excited to be spending the day with this dreamy ginger. Elton loves a big dick and he can’t wait for Jess to pound his ass. “I’m really excited for this one. He says he can take a big dick, so I’ll have to put him to the test!” says tall and lean Jess.

“You know I will. I just know it will go all good because I’ve had a lot of practice. It’s good to take big dick because that’s how you cum easier,” says tanned, chiseled Elton. “He talks a good game,” retorts Jess. “Let’s see If can walk that game!” says Elton.

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Sean Cody

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