Eddy Ceetee pounds Jay Austin in “Furgasm” part four from Raging Stallion

Eddy Ceetee rounds a corner at the bar to find Jay Austin rubbing his crotch, waiting for a horny hunk to help get him off. Eddy walks up to Jay and grabs his head to start making out as Jay’s cock bulges out from under his jockstrap. Eddy likes what he sees and opens his mouth to gobble up Jay’s hard meat.

He works the shaft and head as Jay moans out with each flick of Eddy’s experienced tongue. It’s not long before Eddy wants a taste of Jay’s insatiable ass. Eddy opens the toned stud up and then lies back to let Jay sit on his hole-stretching cock. Jay bounces up and down, riding the monster deep until he tells Eddy to fuck him on the bar. Jay lies back and spreads his legs to let Eddy plant his dick deep into Jay’s fuzzy hole.

Raging Stallion

Jay keeps pounding as the two studs groan and grunt with each thrust from Eddy’s hard cock. Eddy’s thick pole feels so good ramming Jay’s hole in and out that Jay lets loose and sprays his hairy stomach as Eddy continues to fuck his hole. After Jay empties his balls, Eddy pulls out and adds to the sticky mix by dropping his creamy load all over Jay’s spent cock and balls.

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Watch Eddy Ceetee and Jay Austin fuck in “Furgasm” part four

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