Diego Sans pumps Vinny Blackwood’s ass in “69 Days Without Sex” from Men.com

For his Men.com debut – called “69 Days Without Sex” – the sexy Vinny Blackwood has been paired up with hairy Brazilian top Diego Sans. You might have seen him before at either Gay Room or Next Door Studios before though.

Horny bottom Vinny has gone days without sex and he is slowly losing it! He wakes up thinking about sex, he goes to sleep thinking about it and he can’t masturbate enough to get the same feeling. Luckily, Brazilian hottie Diego is here to save the day with his thick penis and offers buff Vinny the well-deserved release he’s been waiting for. The hairy, muscular hunk sucks, rims and fucks Vinny until he’s fully satisfied.

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Watch Diego Sans pump Vinny Blackwood’s ass at Men.com


Watch Diego Sans and Vinny Blackwood fuck in “69 Days Without Sex”