Scott Demarco and Adrian Suarez in Pride Studios’ “The Language of Sex”

This hot update from Pride Studios – starring masculine studs Scott Demarco and Adrian Suarez – is called “The Language of Sex“. The guys are sitting in bed and Scott is asking to be taught phrases in Spanish such as ‘Cock’ ‘Suck My Dick’ ‘I Want Your Cum’ etc. Adrian is amused and obliges him before they both start making out and groping each other.

Adrian sucks Scott’s thick cock first and then Scott moves to Adrian’s beautiful ass where he rims him and gets his ass ready for his cock. He fucks Adrian doggy style first for a while before flipping him over and sucking his cock. Adrian then rides Scott’s cock for a while before lying on his back and Scott fucks the cum out of him. Scott then shoots his big load all over Adrian.

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Watch Scott Demarco and Adrian Suarez fuck at Pride Studios

Pride Studios

Watch Scott Demarco and Adrian Suarez fuck in the full Pride Studios video