Mateo Vice and Levi Karter suck and fuck each other at CockyBoys

The sexy Mateo Vice (who you might have seen at Guys in Sweatpants before) makes his CockyBoys debut with Levi Karter and when they meet and chat it up there’s a vivid connection and affectionate sexual chemistry that easily leads right into their scene and just grows stronger. As “host” Levi sits Mateo down and sucks him deep almost immediately and it isn’t long before they switch places and Mateo is gagging on Levi’s cock.

But Levi gravitates back deep-throating Mateo and revving him up o start taking more control. After holding Levi’s throat on his cock Mateo turns him around to rim his bubble butt and tease him with his cock. Levi is more than ready for it and Mateo gives him every inch. Mateo thrusts in hard and deep and seeing that Levi can take it, he kicks it up a notch with half-piledriver. Levi isn’t even close to being done.


He moves with authority and mounts Mateo’s cock to ride him deep and really lean back into it. And just when it looks like he’s reached the point of no return, they switch it up! Levi gets Mateo on his back, rims him and soon he’s all the way in. With their bodies pressed together, they make out as Levi fucks him so intensely he breaks into a sweat and they’re still not done! They switch places again and Mateo fucks Levi on his back.

He takes control with a little choking and jacking off Levi’s cock. Mateo finally hots the spot inside Levi and fucks a skyrocketing load out of him that hits Levi in the face. With Levi kneeling before him Mateo pumps out a thick load that Levi only gets about half…. but it’s still huge and goes everywhere. At the end you’ll be hard pressed to find two happier guys.

Watch Mateo Vice flip-fuck with Levi Karter in his CockyBoys debut


Watch Mateo Vice and Levi Karter fuck each other at CockyBoys


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