Casey Jacks gets fucked by Dominic Pacifico in “Tired of being Good” part two

Today’s release from the network is the second scene from the “Tired of being Good” mini-series – in which Casey Jacks bottoms for Dominic Pacifico and take his juicy cock up his ass. Hazel-eyed Dominic Pacifico is surprised to see dark-haired Casey Jacks at his door with an unknown package, and he’s even more surprised when it ends up being a box full of sex toys!

He rushes muscular Casey into the house, he doesn’t skip a beat, dropping to his knees, and stuffing chiseled Dominic’s cock in his mouth. Dominic turns the bottom around and pounds him from behind until the both of them bust a nut.

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Watch Casey Jacks bottom for Dominic Pacifico in the full-length video

Watch Dominic Pacifico fuck Casey Jacks in “Tired of being Good” part two