Max Carter rims and fucks Danny Nelson’s twink ass in “Teenage Dream” from Helix Studios

Helix Studios’ weekend release – called “Teenage Dream” – brings together big-dicked jock Max Carter and twink bottom Danny Nelson. The cute twink heads over to his buddy’s place, but unfortunately, his straight teenage mate has girls on the brain and totally forgot he made plans with his pal. Lucky For Danny, his buddy’s brother Max is home and he definitely does not have girls on his mind!

As a matter of fact, he’s been crushing on little Danny for a while and straight up tells him: “I want to fuck you!” Danny is pleasantly surprised and now he’s glad his buddy forgot they had plans. Danny is about to get very busy with his buddy’s beautiful older brother! Max is happy to take the reigns and guide the less experienced boy through all the dirty deeds they’re about to do! He takes the lead, putting his lusty lips to Danny’s knob, demonstrating for the schoolboy how to down dick in the most delicious way.

Helix Studios

Danny is a quick learner and soon enough, the cute twink is sucking Max’s big cock. Max’s next lesson is ass eating. Max manhandles the tiny twink, tossing his legs in the air and get his hole ready with his tongue and fingers! Danny seems more than ready, as he tells Max that he wants to feel him inside of him. Soon, Max is slaying his brother’s buddy’s booty like a boss. Max plows that tight twink hole in various positions.

Danny strokes his cock and shoots a nice load, while Max continues to hammer his bare hole! Max makes magnificent use of his juice, creaming the pretty boy’s hole with a gooey, well earned hole glazing! Krispy Kream ain’t got shit on this kid’s freshly glazed, delicious donut hole!

Watch Max Carter rim and fuck Danny Nelson’s bare twink hole at Helix Studios


Watch Danny Nelson take Max Carter’s big raw dick in “Teenage Dream”


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