Jake Porter takes Ryan Bones’ thick uncut cock in “Attack of my Clone” from Men.com

Handsome young hunk Jake Porter clones himself so he can skip doing housework and surprises his dark-haired, tattooed and muscular partner, Ryan Bones, who comes home to find his clone sitting on the couch. He’s really shocked that the clone looks exactly like Jake; the same toned body, bubble butt, and big dick!

Jake leaves to go shopping, and Ryan heads to the shower where Jake’s clone follows him in to help get him cleaned up. Ryan’s uncut cock hardens at the thought of fucking Jake’s clone as he directs him into the bedroom. While the clone is slobbering all over Ryan’s cock, Jake returns, and he’s quite upset. The clone runs off and Jake shows Ryan that no one can ever replace him; not even himself!

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Watch Jake Porter take Ryan Bones’ thick cock at Men.com



Watch Jake Porter and Ryan Bones fuck in “Attack of my Clone” from Men.com