Ely Chaim bottoms for Jean Franko in “Reformed Sinner” part two from Men.com

The Men.com network has today released the second scene from their “Reformed Sinner” mini-series. This Ely Chaim‘s second Men.com scene – more than a year after his first one. He has been paired up with hairy top Jean Franko. The scene has been rewarded with a 93% rating, so check it out if you can.

Jean Franko is still holding back from cheating on his wife, but the sexy men that keep coming into their coffee shop are making it harder and harder to control! In walks, Ely Chaim and he happens to be just his type; tall, lean, slightly hairy and good-looking to boot! Jean, being a muscular and hairy stud himself, can’t help but imagine what it would be like to rip Ely’s clothes off and fuck him right there on the table.

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Watch Ely Chaim take Jean Franko’s big cock in “Reformed Sinner” part two


Watch Ely Chaim and Jean Franko fuck in the full-length Men.com video