Doryann Marguet, Jules Laroche, Paul Delay & Gabriel Lambert fuck in “Sea, Sex and Sun” part 2

French Twinks has recently released the second scene from their “Sea, Sex and Sun” series. It’s a hot foursome that has been filmed on a boat (just like the entire series). The hung tops in this scene are Doryann Marguet and Jules Laroche. The two of them are ready fill some twink holes… more specifically Paul Delay and Gabriel Lambert‘s holes.

While the captain (Doryann) and his First Mate (Paul) kiss languidly in the cockpit Jules and Gabriel still wet from bathing do the same at the back of the boat. Gabriel slips a hand into Jules’s swimsuit and takes out his big cock to start jerking off. Paul and Doryann caress and undress gradually by watching the two twinks sucking. The two couples show off to each other and the excitement rises under the blazing sun.

Paul and Doryann then join Gabriel and Jules who are delighted to have company. The four boys kiss and suck each other then Paul and Gabriel lie on their backs, their ass in the air to offer Doryann and Jules a breathtaking view of their tight holes. The two young bottoms moan with pleasure by feeling the expert tongues of Doryann and Jules licking their ass and fingering them.

Paul and Gabriel then take a ride on the big uncut cocks of Doryann and Jules. While Paul gets pounded by Jules, Gabriel goes up and down on the dick of Doryann moaning. The pace is accelerating and nothing can stop the quartet. The tops then exchange their partners and Doryann fucks Paul until to make him cum. Paul still covered in his sperm takes an amazing facial cumshot from Doryann and at the same time Jules cums on Gabriel’s ass.

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