Declan Moore fucks Jackson Reed in “I Never Miss” – Southern Strokes

Sitting at home one morning, Jackson Reed hears a thump. It’s happened before. And just like before, when Jackson steps out onto the patio, he finds a baseball. But what does it mean? Can someone really have such bad aim? Tired of not knowing who keeps throwing balls into his backyard, Jackson picks up the ball, then sits and wait. He doesn’t have to wait long.

Tattooed Declan Moore shows up to claim his property but Jackson seems almost reluctant. Perhaps sensing he can have a bit of fun, or maybe because he suspects the baseballs have been on purpose, Jackson invites Jackson into his home, instead. The moment they’re indoors, they start making out like fiends, sucking cock and rimming ass.

Declan raw-fucks Jackson with gusto before Jackson takes the reigns and goes for a long, balls deep ride. But when Declan wants something, he goes after it, and in this instance, he wants to drive. Pounding Jackson deep and hard, Declan fucks the cum out of him, barebacking his sweet, hungry ass. Jackson follows soon and shoots his load!

Watch Declan Moore and Jackson Reed fuck at Southern Strokes


Watch Declan Moore fuck Jackson Reed in “I Never Miss” 


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