Damon Heart gets fucked by Paddy O’Brian in “Sex Stories” part one from Men.com

The first scene from the “Sex Stories” mini-series has been rewarded with a remarkable 97% score by the Men.com members. This is Damon Heart‘s very first scene for the gay porn mega site and he does an amazing job bottoming for Paddy O’Brian. The British hunk eaves behind a tape for strapping stud, Damon Heart.

Damon is glued to the screen as he listens to Paddy tell his sex story. Soon enough, he’s transported into the story and can’t believe what’s happening! He undresses Paddy and thirstily sucks on his thick cock until it’s fully erect in his mouth and hitting the back of his throat. Then, he lays down and opens his asshole wide for a pleasurable rimming followed by a hard drilling.

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Watch Damon Heart take Paddy O’Brian’s thick cock at Men.com


Watch Damon Heart bottom for Paddy O’Brian in “Sex Stories” part one