Cade Maddox fucks Dave Slick in “Max in the City” part four from Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios has released the fourth scene from their “Max in the City” movie. This is Dave Slick‘s Falcon debut in which he gets fucked by the hung Cade Maddox. Tragically, Dave has passed away in early June (more info here).

Dave is a real estate agent showing Cade a new place in San Francisco that Cade can’t really afford. In hopes of getting the price down, Cade offers his services and reaches into Dave’s pants to discover an extra-large and throbbing dick just waiting to get serviced. Cade gets down between Dave’s legs and takes him into his mouth. He works the giant pole down to the base and takes it all the way down his throat.

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With a backdrop of the Bay behind them, the two studs get naked and Dave catches a glimpse of what Cade has to offer. He can’t help himself and takes Cade’s big monster in his mouth. It barely fits down Dave’s throat but he has an idea of where it will be a better fit. He lubes Cade’s thick dick up and takes a seat, riding it as deep as it can possibly go. Cade pounds away from behind as Dave jacks his own big rod until Cade wants a better view of his hunky real estate agent.

Cade flips the stud onto his back and continues his relentless pounding until Dave shoots a giant load that flies out onto his chest and runs down his side. Cade can’t hold off any longer and pulls out to blast Dave’s face and add to the pool of cum that’s covering Dave’s body. Hopefully that will get Cade the deal to afford the second best view in the Bay next to Dave’s tight ass.

Watch Cade Maddox fuck Dave Slick in the full-length Falcon Studios video

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Watch Cade Maddox fuck Dave Slick in “Max in the City” part four


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