Skyy Knox gets fucked by Woody Fox in “Zack & Jack Make A Porno” part 5 from Falcon Studios

This is the last scene from the Falcon Studios movie “Zack & Jack Make A Porno“. Directors mr. Pam and Tony Dimarco have paired up Woody Fox and Skyy Knox for this finale scene. Skyy has left the set after a dispute with another performer and when Zack (Woody) chases him down to console him, the comfort quickly turns to lust as the two lock eyes and start making out.

Skyy’s towel quickly drops to the floor and Zack’s pants are soon to follow as Skyy goes in for a taste of what his producer has to offer. Skyy loves the taste of Zack’s massive cock and could stay between his legs for days if he could. As much as Zack loves the oral attention, he’s not going to let Skyy’s ass slip away from him so easily.

Falcon Studios

Zack bends his star over the back of the couch and goes directly into his hole with his tongue, giving long broad strokes from balls to back until Skyy is begging for a dick up his ass. Zack isn’t one to let his guys down and slides his dick into Skyy, going slowly at first and building to a frenzied fuck as Skyy demands harder and faster pumping.

Skyy wants Zack’s dick even deeper inside of him and after getting plowed on his side, hops on to finish himself off as he rides Zack’s pole. Skyy is rock hard with a dick up his ass as he blows his load all over his own cut abs. Skyy is still hungry for more and opens his mouth wide as he hops off Zack’s cock to take a massive creamy facial before he gobbles up all the cum.

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