Solo performances from Active Duty, Sean Cody, Reality Dudes, Next Door Studios & Corbin Fisher

The highlights of this week’s solo performances are brought to you by Active Duty, Sean Cody, Reality Dudes, Next Door Studios and Corbin Fisher. The guys from Active Duty have released Rossi’s solo debut. He has a beautiful dark skin, a fat cock and big balls full of cum. Sean Cody introduces us to a very handsome young newcomer called Declan, while Reality Dudes brings us a beefy newcomer with an unusual name (Mam). Next Door Studios‘ solo release gives us Carter Woods stroking that juicy piece of meat and Collin jerks his meaty cock for us at Corbin Fisher.


Rossi empties his balls in his solo debut for Active Duty

Rossi has a very welcoming smile and his dark skin with star tattoos is extremely sexy. He doesn’t have much hair on his fit body but it’s in all the right places and in a perfect amount for those that like a little fur. His balls are big and full with a really fat cock that looks great hard. He strokes it slowly while rubbing his chest and you can see it grow in thickness right before your eyes. Once it’s throbbing hard he continues to stroke it picking up speed as he enjoys himself on our AD couch. Rossi has a great attitude and he loves to explore so we hope he wants to explore some more of what Active Duty has to offer him. We know we could set him up with an amazing partner that would blow him away. You can see his balls grow as his nut is building inside and once Claude comes in for a very sexy close up Rossi gives the cue and he shoots a thick and I mean thick creamy load all over his own cock. It oozes out all over his hard dick and down his balls.

Watch Rossi jerk off in his solo debut for Active Duty


Handsome young jock Declan jerks off for Sean Cody

Declan plays soccer, works out every day and – dare we say it – has one of the sexiest, most seductive accents we’ve ever heard. When it comes to sex, the Spain-born stud describes himself as “loving and hardcore at the same time”. He especially loves having his uncut dick deep throated. Declan would like to fulfill an item on his sex wish list soon – anal! Lucky for him, we’ve got plenty of guys who could show him the ropes!

Watch soccer player Declan jerking off for Sean Cody


Beefy newcomer Mam plays with his cock at Reality Dudes

Mam is THICC! In every capacity. His ass is thicc, his dick is thicc, everything is thicc thicc thicc, and we’re here for that close up. See him stripping naked and working his hard dick in this week’s Strip Club update. The scene has partially been filmed in POV.

See beefy stud Mam play with cock at Reality Dudes


The sexy Carter Woods stroke his juicy cock for Next Door Studios

Carter Woods is from New Jersey and he’s an avid reader and also went to College for Baseball. He loves to listen to classical music and hopes to travel the world in the near future. Carter is working on a new App to revolutionize combat sports. He’s a very smart young man looking to broaden his horizons and we are glad he decided to spend some time here with us at NDM. Carter has a kinky side which involves lots of scratching and biting. Once the interview was done he went straight to his pants and began to reveal his hard cock. He slowly pulled it out and began to stroke his throbbing cock while showing every inch off to us. He has a well-built body probably from all the years he spent playing ball. His easy-going attitude brings calmness to the scene as you watch him please himself until he relinquishes his built up load all over himself.

Watch Carter Woods stroke his juicy cock for Next Door Studios


Collin gets naked and beats his fat cock for Corbin Fisher

Collin has striking eyes – he told us they’re his favorite feature about himself – and a tight, lean body that he’s constantly working on in the gym and in the pool. We wish we could also look like that only going to the gym three times a week! His abs and chest are amazingly defined, and he’s got a cute smile, with a relaxed, yet confident personality. On top of all of those assets, though, Collin’s got a perfect, thick cock that makes him the total package. His drool-worthy endowment is sure to make him popular around here at Corbin Fisher, and as a marathon runner, we’re sure he’ll be able to dish out some intense action with that big dick of his!

Watch Collin beat his fat cock for Corbin Fisher