Justin Brody fucks Ace Era in “The Slutty Professor” part four from Naked Sword

The guys from Naked Sword have released the fourth scene from “The Slutty Professor“. This movie has been directed by mr. Pam and ChiChi LaRue. The new sexy slutty professor Buddy Fuck (played by Ace Era) has won over his students and finally has the confidence to make his move on Justin Brody.

Buddy shoves his bulging crotch in the student’s face, whips out his cock, and shoves it down his throat. Justin pulls out his huge dick and feeds it to the Slutty Professor before bending him over and eating his ass. Following the instructions of Buddy’s “Fuck Me” tattoo, Justin shoves his cock deep in his hole.

Ready to blow, Justin jerks off into Buddy’s mouth who greedily eats every drop. Suddenly Buddy starts to convulse, the effects of his potion are wearing off! Buddy falls behind the lab counter and the old Nerdy Professor Kelp emerges, replacing Justin’s lust with his true love.

Watch Justin Brody fuck Ace Era in “The Slutty Professor” part 4


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