Diego Reyes slams his cock deep into Enzo Rimenez in “HomoPod” part two

The second scene from the “HomoPod” mini-series has been rewarded with a 92% score by the Men.com members, so better don’t miss this one! European muscle hunks Diego Reyes and Enzo Rimenez have been paired up and you can tell that they are very much into each other.

HomoPod is feeling frisky and connects Enzo’s contact list to his database. Unbeknownst to him, HomoPod ends up arranging a date for him with Spanish stud Diego Reyes. Once he has arrived at Enzo’s place, Diego finds himself a very surprised… who had clearly not initiated this hook-up.

He tries to explain that he didn’t actually create the date, but Diego’s already decided he wants a piece of this tall, handsome French guy. Too horny to turn him away, Enzo invites Diego in for a steamy sex session.

Watch muscle hunks Diego Reyes and Enzo Rimenez fuck in “HomoPod” part two


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