Dante Colle fucks Casey Jacks in “Ass Controller” part 9 (starring Alaska Thunderfuck)

The ninth scene from the “Ass Controller” mini-series marks the Men.com debut of Alaska Thunderfuck. Well… actually she has a supporting role in this scene, which has received a 92% rating. The RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar plays a news anchor for “Morningwood News”. Her colleague Casey Jacks is having an affair with sexy producer Dante Colle.

Dante sneaks up on Casey at the office for a quick nuzzle, but Casey is way too uptight and doesn’t want anyone to find out so Dante’s solution is to stick an ass controller inside of him so they can keep the fun going privately. As Casey and Alaska go on air for their news report, Dante slowly starts switching the ass controller from level 1 to 5; five being the most explosive! Casey can hardly control himself let alone his ass and requests to get fucked ASAP!

Watch Dante Colle fuck Casey Jacks in “Ass Controller” part 9

Dante Colle fucks Casey Jacks

Watch Dante Colle and Casey Jacks fuck in “Ass Controller” part nine