Alex Mecum fucks Jay Austin in the 1st scene from Raging Stallion’s new movie “Rideshare”

Raging Stallion has released the first scene from a brand new movie, called “Rideshare“. This movie has been directed by Steve Cruz and contains five hardcore scenes. Alex Mecum and Jay Austin have been paired up for this first scene.

Alex Mecum is in the back of a ‘Rideshare’ when Jay Austin joins the ride and hops in the car with his bags. The two are crammed in on top of each other and after a tiny bit of small talk, the two hunks end up making out in the back seat. Jay decides to get out at Alex’s stop and follows him inside. The studs get out of their clothes and Jay is the first to sink to his knees once he feels the meat Alex is packing between his legs.

Raging Stallion

He takes it down his throat with ease before Alex wants a taste of Jay’s ass. Alex bends the hairy hunk over in the kitchen and opens Jay up with a rimjob. Alex’s tongue feels amazing up Jay’s asshole but he’s ready to take something a lot bigger and much deeper in his crack. He bends over to let Alex slide his big, thick dick deep into his hairy hole. Alex pumps hard, drilling Jay as he moans out begging for more.

Jay wants to ride Alex’s big dick and sits down for the ride of his life. He bounces up and down in complete control of the depth of Alex’s throbbing cock. With Alex buried deep up his ass, Jay lets the cum flow with a river that covers his abs and pubes. Alex can’t believe his eyes when he sees how much cum there is and pulls out to slather Jay’s begging face with more cum.


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