Aiden Garcia bottoms for Cameron Parks in “Summer Swim” from Helix Studios

It’s a brutal, sun beaming summer day but Helix hotties Aiden Garcia and Cameron Parks have found a way to beat the heat…. with their meat! While cooling off in the pool, the boy’s wandering hands find their way to one another’s bulging swim trunks which are brimming with fast building, big boners.

Cameron plants his pretty lips on Aiden’s big dick, choking down as much of the thick dick as he can while Garcia glistens on the edge of the pool. Aiden walks Parks to the pool house, pushes him down and then goes down on that thick dick of his like a champ! After getting Cameron’s juicy dick rock hard, Aiden hops on his bare bone and gets to grinding while shifting his own shaft.

Summer Swim from Helix Studios

His perfect prick prances and bounces on the porn price as Cameron’s big piece of meat drills his raw boy hole.┬áCameron wants more cock control and flips the hot Latin bottom onto his back then takes him to pound town again!

Cameron plows his bareback cock deep into Garcia’s tight little pucker while standing until Garcia’s groin goes off like a geyser, shooting white hot nut on his beautiful bronze skin. Cam cranks on his cock causing it to overflow with liquid ecstasy. He empties every ounce of naughty nectar onto Aiden then flops his fat phallus on the boy and runs his hand through the sweet serum.

Watch Cameron Parks drill Aiden Garcia’s tight ass at Helix Studios

Cameron Parks fucks Aiden Garcia

Watch Aiden Garcia ride Cameron Park’s meaty cock at Helix Studios