Sean Duran fucks Aston Springs in “Game On” part one from

The network is releasing a lot of new mini-series this month. This scene – starring Sean Duran and Aston Springs – is the first part of their brand new series, called “Game On“. The boys face off in a one on one challenge to see who will have to give up some ass! Sean is the winner and gets to fuck Aston’s sweet ass.

Aston is quick to get on his knees as Sean pulls down his shorts. He worships and sucks that throbbing cock, before Sean goes to work on Aston’s ass. He prepares his hole with a wet rimjob. Once Aston’s hole is all wet and loosened up, he slides his dick inside and starts to fuck the young bottom. Watch them fuck till they both spew out big loads of cum.

Watch Sean Duran fuck Aston Springs in “Game On” part one

The next scene from the “Game On” series will be on the 22nd of May. You can already watch the hardcore video trailer and see how Aston Springs gets fucked by Brian Michaels.

Sean Duran fucks Aston Springs

Watch Sean Duran plow Aston Springs in the full-length video