Sean Cody newcomer Murray fucks Randy in a stellar hardcore debut

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Excellent 4.8

Only a few days after the release of his solo debut, newcomer Murray is back for his Sean Cody hardcore debut and OMG it’s sooo good! They have paired him up with the big-dicked Randy, who is always good with newbies.

During his solo, we’ve learned that the bisexual student is very confident about his topping skills and it turns out that he has every right to be confident about it.

This 36+ minute video starts with the guys showing off their well-sculpted bodies and fooling around in the park. We even get to witness some hot cock-grabbing and rubbing. Once inside the house, the guys start to make out and continue to grope and rub each other’s cocks through their shorts.

However, it doesn’t take long before Murray’s short comes off. That’s when Randy drops to his knees and starts to suck on the newbie’s semi erect cock. As always, Randy delivers an A+ blowjob and Murray clearly enjoys what he’s doing. We’re only 5 minutes into the scene when Randy bends over and Murray pushes his – now fully erect – cock inside Randy’s ass hole.

He starts to fuck the muscle bottom from behind and the camera guy gives us an awesome view from above! After a little more doggy-pounding, Randy flips over on his back, so Murray can continue to plow his hole in missionary position. Murray gives Randy a good fucking and again, the camera is in the right place to capture it just perfectly.

After a while, Randy rubs out a nice load and showers himself with cum. Soon after, Murray pulls out and adds his load to the sticky mess. DAMN! He fucks him some more, then leans over for a kiss… before taking Randy’s cock into his mouth. Murray then licks up the cum and shares one more kiss with Randy.

The second part – which is even way better – starts with Murray rubbing Randy’s back and playing with his ass. He then spreads the bottom’s cheeks and gets his tongue inside that hole for some extensive rimming. After a while, he replaces his tongue with his cock and starts to plow that ass again. He uses his big juicy cock to pound Randy from above and then from the side and Randy seems in total ecstasy at this point.

Here’s where it gets best… Randy gets on top of Murray and starts to ride that big dick passionately. Murray starts to suck on Randy’s cock while he keeps plowing that ass from below. Still fucking his bottom, Murray strokes Randy’s big uncut dick, finishes him off and catches his load with his mouth!! DAMN, I can watch this part over and over again. DAMN! Murray got a fan and I hope he will return very soon. Did I say DAMN already?

Watch Murray fuck Randy in this amazing hardcore debut

Murray fucks Randy at Sean Cody


Watch newcomer Murray fuck Randy in this amazing Sean Cody scene