Logan Cross takes Cameron Parks’ big raw cock in “Logan’s Fun” from Helix Studios

The latest release from Helix Studios is called “Logan’s Fun“. Young jocks¬†Logan Cross and Cameron Parks have gotten past the first date jitters and now know one another on a deeper level. After a fun night out on the town the couple heads home, horny and hungry for cock! Logan lays a mean licking down on Cam’s peen while Parks plays with pretty boy’s anxiously arched bubble butt.

Cameron plants a kiss on his boy, then goes down to return the delicious dick licking before his appetite for ass gets the best of him. He spins the tight-tushed twink over for a tongue lashing-finger fuck- ass inspection that gets Cross craving his cock inside! Logan gives the uber appendage another lick before hopping on for a raw ride.

Cameron Parks fucks Logan Cross

Cameron drives Logan’s smooth derriere like a five star fucker while Cross’ hard cock stands stiff with approval.¬†Cameron keeps his foot on the gas while delivering dick to his boy doggy style and then on his side. The side view is absolute porn perfection as Cameron’s piece just pours out a beautiful butt load of fresh nut. The fresh fuck load gets pushed deep in, then on Cross’ hot hairless cockpit.

A wet, warm feeling washes over Logan causing his cock to let loose. With raw dog Cam still lodged deep Logan lets his hot load fly free. Fresh nut fires from Cross’ cum cannon, nailing the naughty boy everywhere, including his well-cocked caboose!

Watch Logan Cross take Cameron Parks’ raw dick at Helix Studios

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