Sean Cody’s Hayes, Big Saint at Active Duty, Next Door’s Lucas Johnson & Jayden at Reality Dudes

Four hot and horny newcomers stroke their hard cocks in recently released solo scenes. Hayes from Sean Cody is horny all the time and is curious about anal sex. Big Saint strokes his big uncut cock for Active Duty. Bodybuilder Lucas Johnson is a Next Door Studios newbie. Jayden appears in this week’s “Strip Club” update from Reality Dudes. Let’s have a look at what they are packing and how they rub out their loads.

Hayes for Sean Cody


Hayes has a nicely toned body, a slightly hairy chest and a cute butt – he’s got a nice set of balls too! “I work out almost every day”, he said. He says he masturbates and have sex quite often. “I am basically horny all the time”. He was genuinely excited by the prospect of coming back after his solo scene. ‘What I’m looking forward the most is anal sex, cause I’ve never done it with either a guy or a girl”. Looks like he’s at the right place!

Watch Hayes strokes his juicy cock at Sean Cody

Big Saint for Active Duty


They don’t call him Big Saint for no reason. Once he drops his pants his huge uncut cock comes right out ready for some stroking. He’s slender with some ink and a great attitude to go with it. He has to use two hands to stroke his big dick. His big smooth balls were ready to explode only minutes into the scene. He stroked his dick with a tight grip going so fast that he blasted a nut all over himself. He didn’t think he would cum that quick and neither did we but lucky for all of us he built that rock hard cock right back up and gives us another amazing shot of jizz at the very end. Big Saints tall slender look with his backwards hat and thick uncut cock is very pleasing to the eye. He slightly moans as he continues to build up his second blast of nut. He kicks back on our couch legs spread showing us his sexy hairy hole while his balls dangle up and down. His cock starts to throb and the veins become more visible as his second load comes blasting out all over his chest and legs leaving a trail of jizz all over the place.

Watch Big Saint play with his uncut cock at Active Duty

Lucas Johnson for Next Door Studios


Lucas Johnson is all about bodybuilding and it’s his life’s mission to be the best at it. He enters contests regularly and even found out through some injuries that he doesn’t have an ACL. He is motivated by the drive to live and better himself in any way possible. He has business ventures with a major player that he hopes will be fruitful. After Lucas opened up to us he began to undress slowly and he started to talk to seduce the camera with his words. He loves to talk dirty and he does throughout the scene as he strokes his hard cock. His body is well built and he wanted us to show off all his features which we did. His outspoken demeanor and confidence is extremely sexy as you watch him masturbate every inch of his throbbing cock until he releases his built up load.

See Lucas Johnson jerk off for Next Door Studios

Jayden for Reality Dudes


Jayden might be a bit rythmicaly challenged, but what he lacks in rythm, he definitely makes up with what he’s packing. A tight body covered in tattoos, a hot ass that you just want to bury your face in, and that uncut cock just waiting to be stroked.

Watch Jayden jerk his uncut cock at Reality Dudes


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