Dane Stewart and Dante Colle flip-fuck in “Cross Fuck” part two from Hot House

Director Trenton Ducati has paired up Dante Colle and Dane Stewart¬†for the second scene from the Hot House movie “Cross Fuck“.¬†Dante is doing some squats at the gym as Dane gives him some much-needed positive reinforcement. As Dante finishes up his workout, he nervously asks if Dane can teach him how to fuck better.

Dane happily agrees and tells Dante to start with his mouth as he whips out his stiff cock and big, low-hanging balls. Dante gets on his knees and services his fellow athlete as Dane goes deep and fucks the eager jock’s open throat. After teaching Dante the ways of fucking a face, Dane decides that his student is ready to learn the secrets of pounding an ass.

Hot House

Dante is eager to learn all he can and bends over to offer up his hairy hole. Dane slides deep into Dante’s open crack and goes balls deep to continue plowing the young muscle stud. After a nice, long pounding, Dane decides that it’s time for the student to get some practical experience.

Dante agrees and after opening Dane’s hole with his tongue, gets behind his coach and sticks his cock deep inside his ass. Dante discovers that he’s a natural as he lets his instincts take over. He fucks Dane hard until he pulls out and sprays his big hairy cock all over his coach’s sack. Dane follows along and finishes up on his own ripped abs.

Watch Dane Stewart and Dante Colle flip-fuck at Hot House

Watch Dane Stewart and Dante Colle flip-fuck in the full Hot House video