Tegan Zayne gets fucked by Giovanni Valentino in “Shut Up and Fuck Me” part 4

Raging Stallion has released the fourth scene from their “Shut Up and Fuck Me” movie. This is Giovanni Valentino‘s gay porn debut. Tegan Zayne gets on his knees to take Giovanni’s big cock down his throat. It’s a tight fit but Tegan manages to get it all down as he chokes and gags and slobbers all over the girthy member.

Giovanni doesn’t relent and keeps a steady pace face fucking Tegan’s open mouth until he’s ready to try the young stud’s fuzzy ass. Giovanni plants his face deep in Tegan’s hairy hole and gets him to spread it wide. After a nice long rim session, Giovanni is ready to fill Tegan with dick. Giovanni slips his cock inside the hairy hunk and pumps away, going balls deep with his extra thick rod.

Tegan wants to ride Giovanni’s dick and hops on to bounce up and down as his cock and balls flop in all directions. Giovanni gives Tegan a few good slaps on the ass before he’s ready to bust. Tegan senses a good mouthful in the works and hops off to take a load on his face.

Giovanni lets loose and covers Tegan’s beard with a massive wad of cum that clings to his beard and drips from his lips. With Giovanni’s cum all over him, Tegan pounds his meat until his cock erupts and covers his hairy crotch with sticky, creamy jizz.

Watch Giovanni Valentino fuck Tegan Zayne in the full Raging Stallion video

Tegan Zayne and Giovanni Valentino


Watch Tegan Zayne and Giovanni Valentino fuck in the full-length video


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