Sly returns to Sean Cody for his first hardcore scene and flip-fucks with Blake

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Fair 2.3

After seeing Sly’s solo debut, I was really hoping for him to return for a hardcore scene. Well, here he is and he has been paired up with the always smiling Blake. It’s a flip-fuck scene, which means that Sly can really show off what he is capable off. I hate to say this, but the scene is a bit of a let down., which is a shame because they look very hot together.

The muscle hunks show off their beautiful bodies while working out by the water. What is being said outdoors is very hard to hear, either because it’s too windy outside or because of a technical problem with the microphone. As soon as the guys are indoors, they share some quick kisses, while getting naked. Blake lays down on his back swallowing the meat that Sly is feeding him from above. He takes that cock pretty deep.

Blake gets down on all fours, ready to take Sly’s uncut cock. Sly has some problems pushing his not-so-hard cock inside Blake’s ass, but once inside he starts to fuck away. Sly’s body looks amazing, but the fucking not so much. It looks rather mechanical and the guys are clearly not in sync. They smoothly change into a sideways position and end in missionary position. The fucking looks a little better now and Blake is stroking his cock…. and then BOOM… all of a sudden we have landed in the second part of the scene. Neither one of the guys came in the first part!!

Sean Cody

The second half starts with Sly sucking Blake’s cock. It’s obvious that Sly isn’t enjoying what he’s doing and he’s afraid to take more than a few inches inside his mouth. Now it’s Blake’s turn to plow the newcomer’s ass. Sly impales himself onto Blake’s cock and tries to ride it, which looks very arduous and unpleasant. Blake takes over and starts to fuck him from below. Blake fucks him with a steady pace and seeing Sly’s cock flopping up and down looks nice, however Sly’s face clearly betrays that he isn’t enjoying that dick up his ass.

For the next position, Sly lays flat on the bed with Blake on top, fucking his ass. Again, Sly shows no sign of enjoyment. He just lays there, probably hoping for Blake to finish it off quickly. Blake flips Sly over on his back and continues to pound into his hole. After a few minutes, Sly finally rubs out his (first) load which lands on his abs. Blake strokes his own cock and adds his load to the sticky mess on Sly’s stomach.

Blake licks up most of the creamy white jizz and then shares it with Sly while kissing him, which looks rather awkward and unnatural again. Too bad, Sly’s performance was in total contrast with his very decent solo scene. I don’t think we’re going to see more of him.

Watch Blake and newcomer Sly flip-fuck at Sean Cody

Blake and Sly flip-fuck

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