Josh Brady finally bottoms in a raw flip-fuck scene with Corbin Colby

The latest release from Helix Studios is a bareback flip-fuck scene starring Josh Brady and Corbin Colby, which means that Josh finally bottoms. I bet a lot of Helix fans have been waiting for this moment. It’s a very hot scene which starts with the two jocks making out passionately.

Corbin then pushes Josh back, pulling his undies down to get at Josh’s cock. With his dick being deliciously devoured, Brady slides his manly hands into Corbin’s caboose which is clad is a jack-off worthy jockstrap. Corbin has a huge hog and one hell of an amazing ass! Josh jams his entire face and a few fingers inside the stud’s ass while keeping Corbin in the jock strap. Corbin is comfortable giving and getting and Brady is always ready to deliver.

Brady Bottoms from Helix Studios

After Corbin reaches back to lend some saliva, Josh jams his thick dick inside the hunk’s hot hole. The camera perfectly captures Corbin’s big cock and balls banging around from underneath, while he fucks that bare ass. Out of breath from the big bang but still horny as hell, Corbin leans back and orders up a salacious suck job from Josh. Corbin is getting cocky now and orders Josh to bring that beautiful butt to his face. Without hesitation, Josh sits down on the dude’s darting tongue.

Much to Corbin’s surprise, Brady is completely submissive. Corbin offers Josh a bareback seat on his fully-erect schlong. Josh is definitely open to trying big new things today. He hops He slides his virgin pucker down deep on Corbin’s huge dick! He starts off slow and seductive but quickly shifts gears to grind that meaty muscle butt down hard on Corbin’s cock big time. They continue to slam their big dicks into each other’s holes, as they switch positions a few more times.

Josh takes a hard, deep and raw pounding and releases his big load while getting fucked!┬áCorbin can’t hold it in any longer. He lets his large load loose inside Josh’s smooth butt crack. Making the most of popping Josh’s cherry, he spreads his sticky seed around the smooth surface of his satisfied cum customer. As if it couldn’t get any hotter, Brady says, “that was pretty fucking great”.


Watch Corbin Colby and Josh Brady flip-fuck at Helix Studios

Josh Brady bottoms at Helix Studios

Watch Josh Brady bottom for the very first time in the full-length video