Freshmen #77: Kirk Gauguin, Justin Saradon, Troy Jennings, Nate Donaghy and more

Freshmen Issue #77 contains three videos and brings us a lot of hot and hung Euro jocks. The first scene is a hot bareback video starring Kirk Gauguin and Justin Saradon. In the second scene, we are seeing Troy Jennings taking Nate Donaghy‘s big raw cock. The release is an oral-only scene with Mael Gauthier who gets some assistance from Kevin Warhol. is an exclusive bareback site from the guys behind BelAmi. Members get access to all the old “Kinky Angels” scenes as well as brand new video and photo content. The site updates every week with at least two hardcore bareback scenes and a solo video or photo shoot.

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Justin Saradon takes Kirk Gauguin big raw dick

Suspension of disbelief is required here as director Luke expects us to accept that Justin hasn’t managed to get Kirk into bed after five dates. A lack of money proves to be a break for Justin as the two boys have no choice but to either go for a walk, or home to fuck. Kirk enthusiasts will see him soon with Hoyt in May’s Viva Colombia. Justin junkies will get their fix as he will be back here soon in a flip-flop scene with Jim Durden.



Nate Donaghy raw-fucks Troy Jennings’ tight ass hole

We brought you Troy as an extra Freshmen in March, just to see how you would like him. Since your response was overwhelmingly positive we decided to bring him back again this month for you in a scene with Nate Donaghy. As it sometimes happens, newbies can overestimate their ‘staying power’ (or underestimate the pleasure of their partners dick) and end up cumming before anyone expects. Luckily our cameramen are a bit more experienced and try to prepare themselves for these unforeseen events as best they can. This time Lukas had to move as quickly as age allows, to get in position to catch Troy’s cum shot as best he could.



Mael Gauthier and Kevin Warhol in a hot oral scene

Our 3rd video this week is a bit different in that we have edited together Mael Gauthier’s first jerk and first suck videos together for you. They were both filmed with Kevin Warhol as the instructor, so we apologize for him for having missed the introduction as he was completely blown away by Mael’s skills and beauty.



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