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Vincent O’Reilly is back at CockyBoys. He made his first appearance in November last year and got his ass fucked by Sean Zevran. This time, he has been paired up with hung jock Calvin Banks, who actually asked to shoot with Vincent.

From the moment their lips met for some lengthy passionate kissing, Calvin and Vincent are totally focused on one another, seemingly oblivious to the camera and their unseen audience. Once he gets Vincent naked Calvin goes down deep on him and gives him such pleasure that he’s inspired to give him his best effort..with some guidance from Calvin. When they wrap themselves up again in more kissing Calvin feels up Vincent’s ass and it garners all his attention.


As Vincent leans against the window he gives Calvin free rein over his monumental ass. Calvin can’t get enough of opening up Vincent with his hands and mouth and putting him in a state of sexual ecstasy. In bed they both get what they want in a 69 with Vincent swallowing Calvin while his ass gyrates in Calvin’s grasp. Soon though they’re back to being wrapped in each other’s arms kissing passionately.

Calvin takes Vincent back to the window to fill his hungry hole with cock and soon learns that Vincent can take him deep and hard and still wants more. Back in bed Vincent shows off his talent of twerking his hole on Calvin’s cock and astounding him with visual and sexual pleasure. Calvin pulls Vincent back against him so he can thrust into him and they flow into several limber positions.

Finally Calvin gets Vincent on his back to rim and suck him and his feet and very shortly his cock hits the bulls-eye and makes Vincent shoot his load. Calvin sucks his sensitive cock but Vincent recovers quickly to suck all of his cock. In no time Calvin goes over the edge and shoots what may be his biggest load yet, hitting Vincent’s face but mostly going over his head. You want to see real post-sex euphoria? It’s here as Calvin and Vincent smile, giggle and kiss in total satisfaction.

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