Calvin Banks and Cory Kane flip-fuck in a hot “Fans Only!” release from CockyBoys

Longtime friends Calvin Banks and Cory Kane have their first scene together in a special way, in their first Cocky Boys “Fans Only!” scene: intimate and bareback! The two young hunks make out in the shower, their hard bodies pressed together tightly before Calvin goes down and deep throats Cory.

An excited Cory is soon ready to reciprocate but Calvin wants to try out something different!¬†Calvin brings out a Fleshjack wall mount and once he attaches it to the wall they create a two person-fuck chain: Cory fucks the Fleshjack while Calvin fucks him! The fun continues for a bit, but Calvin wants to mix it up a lot today. In the bedroom Cory finally gets to suck cock, but Calvin’s attention is soon back on Cory’s ass.

He reaches over to finger him, stretches a little more to eat his ass and then inches forwards to fuck Cory in a variation on a reverse bulldog! Calvin shifts into a couple more positions but soon he’s eager to bottom.¬†Calvin slides down on Cory’s cock and rides him but when Cory does some shifting and leans forward, he takes the lead and goes in deeper, making Calvin gasp. Now it’s Cory in control, plunging deep into Calvin, impaling him on his back and on his side.

Cory pulls out just in time direct his thick load over Calvin’s twitching hole and answering Calvin’s excited pleas, slides his cock back in. With his cum and cock buried inside Calvin, Cory fucks a load that rockets out of Calvin. And, with Cory’s creamy load oozing out of Calvin the satiated duo enjoy a happy afterglow.

Watch Calvin Banks and Cory Kane in this bareback flip-fuck scene

Calvin Banks and Cory Kane flip-fuck

Watch Calvin Banks and Cory Kane in the full-length bareback scene