Beefy bottom Jack gets fucked by Jakob in Sean Cody’s Monday release

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Fair 1.9

More often than usual, Sean Cody uses their Monday release to introduce newcomers. However, not this week! In stead of a solo video, we’re being treated to a hardcore scene. The bareback studio has paired Jakob up with bodybuilder Jack.

Jakob returns with a new statement: he has yet to be eaten out! Of course, it only made sense to pair him with Sean Cody’s most beefy stud; Jack! Describing rimming as his “forté”, he eagerly pops Jakob’s rim-cherry and introduces him to a whole new experience.

While I was happy to see a hardcore update at first, I think the average solo scene would have been hotter than this scene. Pairing up a rather small guy like Jakob with a big guy like Jack AND expect the slender guy to top is rather risky and it clearly doesn’t work for either one of them.

Furthermore, there is a complete lack of chemistry between the two guys and Jack doesn’t show any form of passion. It’s obvious that he isn’t enjoying whatever he is doing and even worse, he fails to cum. No matter how hard Jakob tries to make the best of it, it basically leads to nowhere. Too bad, cause the last two hardcore scenes were excellent!

Watch beefy bottom Jack bottom for Jakob in the full Sean Cody video

Jakob and Jack for Sean Cody

Watch Jakob and Jack fuck in this rather awkward Sean Cody video