Aiden Ward rims and fucks Declan Moore’s ass at Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes has recently been revamped. The studio used to film American amateurs from the South. After a few years, they started to outsource the production of videos to the Czech Republic. Then they just stopped filming new content, but now they are back with brand new content. They are now filming videos in the United States again and they have been using some well known porn stars.

This is one of their latest videos, starring Aiden Ward and Declan Moore. Once upon a time, the two of them had a thing. At least, Declan did. Even if it was only in his mind. Now, after moving away to strike out on his own and gain independence, Declan is hosting Aiden, until Aiden gets his own place. Meanwhile, showing his buddy around, Declan realizes he still has a thing for Aiden and probably always will.

It’s possible the bearded and tattooed blond is simply enamored with Aiden’s huge, curved cock. That he’s a total whore for raw cock stretching him out. But after watching the way Aiden eats out Declan’s hole, after witnessing first-hand the way Aiden bareback fucks the wanton, lustful twink, we’ve a feeling Aiden may have ruined Declan for anyone else who might have come along after. But now that they’re living in the same state again, who knows? Maybe Declan will get lucky. After all, life has a funny way of giving you what you need, and sometimes, exactly what you want.

Watch Aiden Ward fuck Declan Moore in the full-length video


Watch Aiden Ward and Declan Moore fuck in the full-length video


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