Tomas Salek gets abducted and fucked raw by Boris Lang in “Booty Bash” from Bromo

The latest release from bareback studio Bromo is called “Booty Bash“. It’s one of their Euro productions, starring young hunks Tomas Salek and Boris Lang. This scene has everything from dominance to flogging and from juicy uncut cocks to greedy hairy holes.

Boris Lang has a burning desire and he’s going to take it out on Tomas Salek. Plucked from the streets and taken to an abandoned room, Tomas submits to Boris’ probing hands & mouth. When Boris slides his uncut cock in raw, the passion intensifies, until Tomas is cast aside as quickly as he was snatched up.

Watch Tomas Salek being used by Boris Lang in “Booty Bash” from Bromo


Watch Boris Lang raw-fuck Tomas Salek in the full-length Bromo video


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