Muscle daddy Sergeant Miles fucks Kurtis Wolfe in “Shut Up and Fuck Me” part one

Raging Stallion has released the opening scene from their latest movie. Steve Cruz, who has directed “Shut Up and Fuck Me“, has paired up Sergeant Miles and Kurtis Wolfe and the two of them demonstrate that talk isn’t necessary… they cut right to the chase and fuck!

Kurtis and Sergeant are making out as their hard, hairy dicks throb and rub against each other. ‘You’re so hot,’ Kurtis says, to which Sergeant replies ‘Just shut up!’ That’s Kurtis’ cue to get on his knees and service Sergeant who barks out the commands to suck his balls and swallow his dick. Kurtis does as he’s told until he offers up his hairy hole for Sergeant to open up with his tongue.

Sergeant takes his time, savoring the flavor and getting it nice and lubed and ready for something much bigger. When Kurtis can no longer take the anticipation, Sergeant stands up and shoves his thick cock deep into Kurtis’ eager backside. He pumps away, going balls deep as Kurtis enjoys every thrust with a smirk on his face. Sergeant wants Kurtis to do some of the heavy lifting and lies back to let the stud hop on his cock.

Kurtis rides it deep until Sergeant is ready to blow his load. Kurtis eagerly takes his place in front of the muscle daddy until Sergeant sprays Kurtis’ beard and open mouth with all the jizz his big full balls can deliver. With the taste of Sergeant still fresh on his tongue, Kurtis returns the favor and unloads his massive cock, giving Sergeant a creamy facial. When Kurtis sees his handiwork, he bends down and the two kiss the cum away.

Watch Sergeant Miles plow Kurtis Wolfe’s ass at in “Shut Up and Fuck Me”

The remaining three scenes from “Shut Up and Fuck Me” will be released in the coming weeks. Besides Sergeant Miles and Kurtis Wolfe, director Steve Cruz has casted porn stars Hans Berlin, Tegan ZayneAdam Thicke, Giovanni Valentino, Jay Landford, Sean Knight, Seth Santoro, Spencer Whitman and Ziggy Banks to create these hot scenes. Our friends from Gay Tube Videos have posted the full movie trailer.

Shut Up and Fuck Me

Watch muscle daddy Sergeant Miles fuck Kurtis Wolfe at Raging Stallion