Hung muscle top Jacen Zhu rims and fucks Ethan Slade’s ass at CockyBoys

There’s almost instant chemistry when CockyBoys exclusives Ethan Slade and Jacen Zhu meet and soon it’s as if they’ve known each other for years. After making out, Jacen introduces Ethan to his sensually tactile style… as well as his foot fetish! He effortlessly sucks his cock deep while his hands travel to Ethan’s mouth, and after kissing him again and licking his pits, Jacen sucks his toes.

Ethan is a quick study and soon one foot is rubbing Jacen’s bulging crotch while his freshly sucked foot caresses Jacen’s sculpted torso. Ethan responds to Jacen with the same sensuality as he plays with his taut muscles and deep throats him and licks his big balls. In turn, Jacen enjoys Ethan’s ass by caressing and gently slapping it and burying his face and mouth in between his muscular mounds.

When he slides in his cock Ethan takes him all the way and within seconds they’re both experiencing maximum pleasure. They change positions and Ethan eagerly rides his cock so well that Jacen expresses himself with wide-eyed wonder. When Ethan shifts positions he and Jacen’s gazes are fixed on each other and they remain so as they kiss and Jacen picks him up and plants him on his back to finish fucking him.

Jacen determinedly thrusts harder as Ethan demands until he fucks a load out of him that keeps going and going. Jacen lies back and shoots his load and Ethan milks his sensitive cock to put him in a state of quivering sexual euphoria. This is pure chemistry!

Watch Jacen Zhu pump Ethan Slade’s ass in the full CockyBoys video

Jacen Zhu fucks Ethan Slade

Watch hung top Jacen Zhu fuck Ethan Slade’s ass at CockyBoys