Dane Stewart makes Carlos Lindo his little bitch in “Guzzle It” from Bromo.com

Bromo‘s weekend release is called “Guzzle It“. Dominant fucker Dane Stewart is back to do what he does best; use and abuse a submissive bottom. This is Carlos Lindo‘s first scene for Bromo and Dane welcomes him in style… his style!

Dane Stewart is out to show Carlos Lindo who’s boss around here. Marking his territory with slaps, spit and cum, Dane turns Carlos into a writhing cum slut who’s ready to explode. Dane slams his raw dick deep into Carlos’ hole while keeping him in place with a leather belt. He fucks that bare hole in various positions and then make Carlos beg for a sip of his creamy load.

Watch Dane Stewart dominate and fuck Carlos Lindo in “Guzzle It”


Watch Carlos Lindo submit to Dane Stewart and beg for his load at Bromo


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