CockyBoys releases new Bruce LaBruce short film “Flea Pit”

Last year, CockyBoys announced a collaboration with iconic film maker Bruce LaBruce. The controversial director who – in the past – has touched on topics such as gang rape, racially-motivated violence and amputee fetishism has created four interconnected short films of which the first one (Diablo in Madrid) was released last October. The second short film premiered yesterday. The R-rated cut of “Flea Pit” premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico, while the X-rated version went live on the CockyBoys site.

The cast of Flea Pit consists of many hot and horny cocky boys, such at Dato Foland, Levi Karter, Arad Winwin and Valentin Braun.

Flea Pit from Bruce LaBruce in collaboration with CockyBoys and Jake Jaxon

Inside an sparsely attended art house cinema screening of “The Raspberry Reich” one lustful gaze from one patron to another sets up a slow motion domino effect of side-eye looks and seat fidgeting. The moans and groans on the screen stir the libidos of the various patrons even more, the looks become more intense and a few of the movie-goers begin to make some bold moves.

Cocks are pulled out in one area of the theater and a couple guys start jerking off while a couple starts making out in another section. Hands begin to wander and grope, eyes shift around, voyeurs and exhibitionists make their furtive moves, and soon the movie on the screen is of little interest to the theater goers. For the anonymous pair jerking off turns to bold cocksucking in plain view while the couple that was making out are also now sucking cock.

Pairings are altered, people change seats to find partners for their desires and soon a rising tide of lust engulfs almost everyone with full-on sex. A handful of brazen men get up on the stage to continue fucking and provide a sex show for an audience of four. The uninhibited sex leads to a line-up of jerking off with euphoric cum shots and the audience of four can only slightly squirm in their seats watching a double-exposure sex show, unsatisfied by not participating.

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