Alex Tanner bottoms for Jason Richards in “Bangin’ Boss” from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios has paired up Alex Tanner and Jason Richards for some good old office fucking! Alex has almost got this job in the bag. Potential boss Jason’s initial impression of Alex is that he’d be a perfect employee, but Jason wants to see if Alex has the necessary initiative that the position requires.

Alex quickly proves that he’s comfortable in multiple positions, and Jason is impressed with his flexibility and versatility, but what really impresses Jason is that Alex seems to be unafraid of doing the hard work necessary to satisfy his duties. Jason can see that Alex would bring quite a set of skills to his team, and his hands-on approach to the job as Jason very excited. It’s safe to say that Alex has nailed this interview, but it’d be more accurate to say that this interview is nailing Alex.

Watch Alex Tanner and Jason Richards fuck in “Bangin’ Boss” from Next Door Studios


Watch Jason Richards bareback Alex Tanner in the full Next Door Studios video


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