Jacob Peterson gets fucked by his sister’s boyfriend Zey Hardy at Next Door Studios

In this Next Door Studios release – called “Sex in the Sister’s Room” – the studio has paired up Jacob Peterson and Zey Hardy. With his sister’s boyfriend showering in the bathroom, freshly single Jacob Peterson sneaks a peek thru his clothes, fantasizing about that good dick his sister is getting.

Boyfriend Zey catches him in the act, but rather than be freaked out by it, he’s flattered, telling Jacob he knows someone who might want to hook up, provided Jacob can keep a secret. Jacob assures him he can, and Zey immediately whips off his towel, revealing his hard cock. Jacob seems confused, but he quickly figures out what Zey is talking about as Zey guides his head down to suck his cock.

Jacob does as prompted, getting Zey nice and hard with his mouth before mounting him on his sister’s bed. Jacob rides him reverse, suddenly realizing just how good his sister has been getting it. Zey pumps him full of bareback cock as he pounds Jacob from underneath, finally flipping him over to pound him from behind.

He gives him a nice fuck doggy style before flipping Jacob over onto his back and fucking the cum out him. Jacob spits his pent up load as Zey pulls out and unleashes his morning nut all over Jacob’s freshly fucked hole, and as Zey gathers his clothes up to head out to work, the two of them agree to keep their little secret from Jacob’s sister.

Watch Jacob Peterson getting fucked by Zey Hardy at Next Door Studios


Watch Zey Hardy bareback Jacob Peterson at Next Door Studios


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