Sexy jock Warner rubs out two loads in an ok-ish Sean Cody solo debut

This week’s Sean Cody newbie is a sexy all-American jock with a nicely-shaped body. Warner loves working out and it shows. He’s straight or maybe a little bi-curious even and he admits being a ‘feet freak’. Warner says: “I’m a freak when it comes to feet. I love fucking feet, I love licking feet… it’s just my thing!”

His looks are good and he might be a freak when it comes to feet, but his debut is rather dull. He has an 6 inch cock and manages to get rock hard, but he looks emotionless and even a little apathetic when he strokes his cock. He rubs out two nice loads though, but again it’s hard to tell whether he even enjoys it. Maybe Warner was a bit nervous or camera shy, but it would take a lot more than just his good looks… if his ambition is to pursue a career in porn (which I doubt).

Watch this all-American jock jerk off in his Sean Cody debut

Watch Warner rub out two loads in the full Sean Cody video