Sean Cody newbie Kasey is back for his first hardcore scene and fucks Lane

Handsome muscle jock Kasey is back at Sean Cody. He rubbed out two big loads during his solo scene, which was released last month. Against better judgement, I had actually hoped we would see him back as a bottom, especially since Kasey’s cock isn’t the biggest. The studio has paired him up with Lane, who is a skilled bottom, but unfortunately he couldn’t save this scene.

The intro in which the guys play basketball is very short. After 30 seconds, we switch to the guys making out on the couch. Lane gropes Kasey’s crotch, before he pulls his soft cock out to wrap his lips around it. He gets Kasey’s dick rock hard, but even before the first penetration, Kasey already starts to lose his erection. He manages to push his cock into Lane’s ass and starts to fuck him from behind… which doesn’t take very long if you pay close attention. The guys try to hide the fact that Kasey’s cock slips out and continue to fake-fuck for almost a full minute.

Next, Lane takes ride on Kasey’s dick before they switch to missionary position. It doesn’t take long before Lane rubs out a load and -thank God – Kasey’s cock is hard again and as he pulls out, he shoots a nice cum load all over the power bottom. Lane scoops his load up and eats it, before the guys kiss.

The second part of the scene starts with Kasey sucking Lane’s cock, which clearly isn’t Kasey’s cup of tea. It doesn’t take long before Lane bends over and takes Kasey’s cock doggy-style, which seems to go a lot better this time. They move into a sideways position, which is enough to make Kasey shoot his second load, which he aims at Lane’s hole. Again, it’s a good load of cum. Lane licks Kasey’s cock clean, before the two share one last kiss.

Watch newcomer Kasey fuck Lane at Sean Cody

Watch muscle jock Kasey fuck Lane in his first hardcore scene